About us

Founded in 1990 by June Daley, teacher, model and entrepreneur. The Miss Jamaica UK contest has developed into the foremost beauty pageant in the country for girls of Jamaican heritage. The pageant is a launching pad for contestants, many of whom have gone on to forge successful careers in the UK and abroad, as doctors, lawyers, and in numerous other professions.

Contestants between the ages of 18 and 26 are groomed to participate in the pageant, and to represent themselves, and Jamaica, with pride and grace in the UK and around the world.

Winners of the pageant are given the prize of a trip to Jamaica to explore its rich culture, building their understanding of the island loved by so many. As ambassador for the contest the reigning Miss Jamaica UK is given the opportunity to meet leaders and other significant figures in Jamaican society, communicating the good works of the contest, and strengthening links between the island and the UK.

The contest has been a significant stepping stone for young women to enter pageants on the world stage. Numerous contestants in Miss Jamaica pageants worldwide have gone on to find success in Miss World and Miss Universe.

Miss Jamaica UK not only benefits contestants, it has helped many Jamaicans in need through its charity contributions. Part of the proceeds from the contest goes to charities such as the Blind Society, Maxfield Park Children’s Home and Jamaica Early Childhood Development Foundation. The London-based Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) Awards has nominated June Daley, founder of Miss Jamaica UK, as its BEFFTA Awards Ambassador for the Caribbean.

BEFFTA annually honours, film directors, actors, musicians, fashion designers, journalists and others for outstanding achievement in their fields. June Daley was chosen for her vibrancy and passion for community work and because of what she has been doing for young women in the Caribbean and Africa, where her work is well known. June Daley, is a franchise holder for beauty pagents in other parts of Europe and Asia, celebrating 25 years as president and founder of the Miss Jamaica UK pageant this year, and was last year’s BEFFTA’s female Lifetime Achievement Award winner.